Our Cattle

We proudly raise 100% grass-fed and grass-finished Black Angus Cross Cattle

Our healthy cattle

We run a “closed herd” operation – the only cattle we introduce on our land are breeding bulls. This practice protects the health of our cattle and assures our customers of the origin and safety of their beef.

Gleason Ranch beef is 100% traceable to our herd.



“Our focus is on producing high quality beef… a smaller herd raised on natural feed
in a low stress environment.”

Our Cattle are healthy…

healthy herd at the gleason ranchOur cattle roam freely on rich pasturelands and are never confined. We grow our own feed, which allows us to monitor and control the nutrients that our cattle consume. We manage our own pastures to ensure rich soil with high yields of healthy forage and trace minerals. Cattle are grass eaters by nature – ours do not eat grain. Grass-fed beef is nutritious, with higher levels of beta-carotene and healthy fats than beef not raised on grass.

We do not use growth hormones

Gleason Ranch boutique style beef –keeping the land, animals, and people healthy.